Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nurture Movement SOLS & OLW

Nurture Movement
My July OLW intention

I thought it would mean nurturing
walks around the neighborhood
plenty of stroller rides
in the crisp summer morning air

I thought it would be focusing on exercise
blended with time with family

Instead, nurture movement is focusing on moving
Finding a rental
Ordering a stove for the rental
Trying to decide which phone/Internet option to go with
Thinking through in my mind how we will utilize our new space
Wondering whether our house will sell or if we will rent come September
Considering the logistics of not being in our house
Packing, packing, and packing some more
While still nurturing the girls and embracing summer
Trying to schedule some last minute moments with friends in town
Having some aspects of normalcy (piano lessons, swimming, etc.)
In the midst of so much change

Nurturing Movement means
Drawing on all of my other nurture related intentions so far

Nurturing Movement doesn't necessarily
mean what I thought it would mean
And yet, once again, it is just what I need
Right here. Right now.

*We'll be moving in less than 2 weeks now (this weekend we were at a point of two weeks to pack up and two weeks to unpack before I start working again full time)

*I didn't slice the last three weeks, but I had the same post rolling around in my mind that I wanted to capture. Instead it is housed in one of my writer's notebooks, ready to transcend into a digital scrapbooking layout for my oldest daughter. It feels good to be slicing again!


  1. I like how you see how your intentions have morphed into what is and what you need.

  2. Oh, you're in the midst of a busy summer indeed! I'm glad that you've been able to see your OLW from a new perspective. I hope that your nurture movement phrase will see you through this new transition time in your life.